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MVP Blog - A Revamped Web Site
May 13, 2020

MVP has a new web site!  Take a look around and let us know what your think.  And coming soon...a new Vlog with all the latest from Jeff and Christina! We've had some down time so we thought we'd give the MVP site a complete overhaul.  Not just changing a few pictures and videos around but going from one hosting and design platform to another!  It has proven to be quite a large task to take on.  An the decision to make the change happened only a...

New Site Woes
May 19, 2020

Please bare with us, or is it bear?  Either way, please excuse the mess that is our new website.  We are currently updating it but had to go live with the site before finishing since our old hosting plan was expiring.  And we didn't want our visitors getting an error message or Coming Soon page!  The site will be finished soon...or at least the first draft of it will.  We're new to WordPress and would much rather be shooting and editing videos.  In...

Website Getting Closer
May 24, 2020

We're almost there with the first draft of the website!  Well, at least the desktop version.  I'm going to be tackling the mobile version next.  The template is supposed to automatically do it but I noticed that tweaks need to be made!  Please give any feedback if you come across our new site and are having issue or want to make suggestions.  In the meantime, enjoy this picture of our cat, Bender.

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