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Capturing Movement

For many years, Christina enjoyed pole dancing and burlesque classes, and for a brief period of time, taught pole while she was still working as a producer. Eventually, she left the TV Industry to open Flying Curves Dance Studio where she teaches both pole and burlesque. Shortly after opening the studio, Christina and Jeff started MVP. They decided to combine pole dancing with their love of video production and storytelling, which is why so much of our work as MVP became related to the pole and dance community.

Goddesses Empowered: The Show

MercVille Productions co-produces Goddesses Empowered: The Show, a live Pole Dancing, Burlesque and Video Storytelling stage show featuring everyday women. These non-professional performers are students of Flying Curves Dance Studio, which provides a training program and live show performance experience.

The Pole Dancing Chronicles

The Pole Dancing Chronicles is a web series, produced by Mighty Grip and MercVille Productions, with content from within the pole and aerial community. Each episode features a different Pole Dancer / Athlete or company within the industry.

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